About - Gymonji
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Our Mission

Our core team and founders are a group of engineers who share the same love for health and fitness. All living in California, we saw the great need and demand for the ability to easily find others and build a relationship through health and fitness activities. The team expanded by partnering with local personnel who share the same vision.

About Us

We believe the world is a happier place when people can come together to engage in an active lifestyle. Gymonji will be the tool for users to embrace their passions and goals together. It will be a virtual infrastructure and network for people to find the knowledge, motivation, or friendships to better their health and fitness.


Everyone deserves an opportunity for better health and happiness!

Meet Gymonji

Ryan Makarem, B.S.

CEO, Co-Founder

Rawad Hilal, M.S.

CTO, Co-Founder

Ronney Shantouf, M.D.

Medical Counsel

Majd Kiwan

Chief Marketing Strategist

Michael Makarem & Mark Makarem

Legal Counsels